THE BUSINESS CASE FOR WELL-BEING: The very first thing for every leader to understand is why well-being matters and how it will improve your business. In this session, learn about the economics of well-being and the research that supports building a culture where employees will thrive.

OVERVIEW OF CORE ELEMENTS OF WELL-BEING: There are 5 Elements of well-being as determined by Gallup's global study on what it takes to live a thriving life. In this session, learn the basic definitions of each of these elements and how you can start to work them into your "people strategy".

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LEADERSHIP: There is no specific set of personality traits that one must possess in order to be a great leader. However, there are foundational attributes that are necessary to unlock the potential of human beings. This is a unique session, grounded in an ontological and phenomenological approach to leadership.



PURPOSE WELL-BEING: An individual's choice of work is the most important element of their overall well-being. In this session, learn how to build a workplace that leverages employees' strengths, and makes them feel like they matter.

SOCIAL WELL-BEING: To be thriving socially, people need to be surrounded by others who are thriving. They need to feel appreciated, and know that they have people they can count on. In this session, learn about the science behind social networks and why it's so important to develop healthy relationships in the workplace.

FINANCIAL WELL-BEING: A high-paying salary does not guarantee financial well-being. In this session, learn the truth about being financially free and what it takes to help employees thrive in this element.

PHYSICAL WELL-BEING: The health of employees can drastically impact their quality of work. In this session, learn unique strategies that will help employees do a better job at managing their physical well-being.

COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: Every organization should encourage employees to be involved in their communities. In this session, learn how you can improve your culture by creating new ways for employees and your organization to give back.



OVERVIEW OF THE KEY INFLUENCERS OF WELL-BEING:  Once you know the fundamentals to living a thriving life, next is learning about how to positively influence well-being through systematic changes to your organizations culture.

ENHANCING OFFICE SPACE AND ENVIRONMENT: The physical workspace constantly affects employee productivity and overall well-being. Learn the specifics of how to maximize office space.

MANAGING AND LEVERAGING MOBILE DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGY: Technology can be extremely beneficial or detrimental to an individual's overall well-being. Learn about best practices, policies, and technology solutions.

FOOD AVAILABILITY AND PRODUCT STRATEGY: The type of food made available in the workplace should be carefully selected. Learn about how to use food and products to improve well-being.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: On-going training and development is a necessity to organizational productivity and well-being. Learn best practices, and how to build programs that last.








LEVERAGING STRENGTHS: Every human being is unique. They are born with natural talents that can be developed into strengths. In this session learn how to unlock the potential of your people and maximize their results by leveraging their strengths.

WELL-BEING & WOMEN: Women are demanding workplaces that give them greater flexibility and opportunities for work-life balance. In this session, learn specific practices that will help you attract and retain women employees.

WELL-BEING & MILLENNIALS: Millennials want to work at companies that give them a strong sense of purpose. They won't settle for just a job. In this session, learn exactly what they are looking for and create a place of work that makes them feel like they matter.

STRENGTHS-BASED WELL-BEING: In order for an individual to maximize his or her well-being, it's important for them to understand their natural talent, strengths, and thought patterns. This will enable them to create a personalized approach to influencing their overall quality of life. (Note: Leveraging Strengths is a pre-requisite)

FOSTERING INTRAPRENEURSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH: Certain individuals in your organization have unique entrepreneurial talent. In this session, learn about the unique qualities of entrepreneurs and what you can do to harness that talent to create organizational growth.

NETWORKING, RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Building relationships is an art and science. In this session, learn how to authentically build a strong network and naturally attract and build more business.