Led by Danielle and Deepak Chopra, this course is designed for individuals in the corporate world who are passionate about bringing wellbeing into their organizations. In the course we will explore all of the areas that impact the quality of life and health of employees, as well as why these practices are good for business and performance. Participants will learn how to build advocacy for these concepts with fellow employees, managers and leaders. We also address key characteristics of leadership and develop a soul profile. This enables you to understand why being a leader is important to you and how you can better serve the people you influence. Click here to learn more and watch the video.

Online course coming soon! 

Danielle and her sister Jaime combined their personal stories, experiences, work, and various studies to create a course about life, leadership and global awareness. It is a curation of research, best practices & personal experiences. You'll learn the secrets of happiness, well-being & consciousness you've never heard before. And hear stories about what it's like to live in Costa Rica - and why it is one of the world's top ranked happiness/wellbeing countries.



Danielle and Jaime are the eldest of four sisters. They combined their experiences, work, and various studies to create a life course for young people. The curriculum of this course teaches participants how to build a fulfilling, purpose driven life and what it means to be a global citizen. The course addresses key concerns that every student during college including things like identifying the right major, managing finances, staying healthy while having a social life, and time-management. Danielle and Jaime have extensive experience traveling and living internationally, and they will draw upon personal experiences to educate the participants on global quality of life and cultural diversity.